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  • How to understand your hospital services bill

    Understanding PH Hospital Statement 


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  • 1-NumberBubble  Credit Card Payment: If paying by credit card, use this area to complete the information including type of credit card, card number, expiration date, amortized paying and signature. We accept Master Card, Discover and Visa.
    2-NumberBubble  Statement Date: Date your statement was created. Any payments posted after this date will not be reflected in the current Amount Due.
    3-NumberBubble  Amount Due: This is the amount that you are responsible for paying.
    4-NumberBubble  Account Number: This is the account number created for the services billed on this statement.
    5-NumberBubble  Due Date: Please remit your payment by this date.
    6-NumberBubble  Show Amount Paid Here: Write the amount you are paying toward this bill.
    7-NumberBubble  Addressee: The guarantor name and address appears here.
    8-NumberBubble  Remit To: The address where you should mail your payment. Please detach the top portion of your statement to ensure proper credit to your account.
    9-NumberBubble  Prompt payment discount Information: If you are able to pay your entire bill within 30 days of receiving your first balance statement, we will give you a 10 percent discount.
    10-NumberBubble  Patient Name: Name of the person who received service. 
    11-NumberBubble  Comment Area: Read this area for important information and notices regarding your account.  
    12-NumberBubble  Charges: Amounts charged for services during this visit.
    13-NumberBubble  Credits: Payments from insurance and self-payments.
    14-NumberBubble  Dates of service: Dates of service and action for this account.
    15-NumberBubble  Total Account Balance: Total amount outstanding for this account.


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