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    The Medical Records Department collects, manages, protects and disseminates the health information of our patients.

    We ensure the information is complete and accurate.

    The Medical Records Department staff performs the following duties:  

    • assembly and analysis
    • completing birth certificates
    • coding
    • release of health information

    Assembly and Analysis

    File clerks retrieve, assemble and analyze the medical records of patients discharged from the hospital, out-patient area or physician clinics.

    Medical records are retrieved daily from all inpatient units, assembled in a specific order and analyzed for completeness and accuracy.

    Birth Certificates

    A birth certificate is completed for all infants born at Portage Health. The information is sent to the State of Michigan.

    To obtain a copy of a birth certificate, please contact:  

    Houghton County Courthouse
    Houghton County Clerk
    Vital Statistics Department
    Mary Schoos
    401 E. Houghton Avenue
    Houghton, Michigan 49931
    (906) 482-1150 [phone]


    Coders assign a numeric code to diagnostic and procedural data found in medical records. These codes allow us to retrieve data on specific diseases and analyze trends, and also are used in the billing process.

    Commonly used codes:

    • International Classification System (ICD-9-CM)
    • Current Procedural Terminology (CPT-4)
    • Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System (HCPCS Level II).

    Release of Information

    Your medical records are the physical property of the healthcare facility that is responsible for its completion. However, the information contained in the record belongs to you. There may be several instances where you or another party may need access to your medical information. You may request a release of your information:

    • for your own use
    • for insurance purposes
    • if you are transferring care from one facility to another
    • if you are at a physician’s office or hospital

    You or a representative may have access to this information with a properly completed, dated and signed release form.

    How to request a release of your information:  

    • Please give reasonable notice if you wish to access your records.
    • You or a representative may stop by the Medical Records Department to obtain a release form, or download a PDF here.
    • Complete, date and sign the form.
    • Return the form to the Medical Records Department
    • If you are at an office or hospital that needs your records in an emergency situation, the medical staff may call or fax and the request will be processed immediately.


    Depending on the volume and the use of the medical record, there may be a charge. Charges are based on the state charging guidelines and consumer index.

    To find specific information online regarding fee definition, please consider searching for "medical record access fees" on www.michigan.gov  

    Your Rights to Your Health Information

    You have the rights regarding the health information we maintain about you. You have the right to:

    • inspect and copy your medical record
    • amend the medical record
    • accounting of disclosures
    • request restrictions
    • request confidential communications

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Medical Records Department
    500 Campus Drive
    Hancock, MI 49930

    Phone: (906) 483-1556
    Fax: (906) 483-1536
    Email: medicalrecords@portagehealth.org 


    Hours: Monday-Friday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

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