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    Mammography is a safe, low-dose x-ray picture of the breast that allows early detection of breast cancer. In a screening mammogram, images are taken of each breast from two angles. A diagnostic mammogram may take longer as it requires more images and different angles to rule out any abnormalities.

    Our equipment

    The newest, most accurate method of detecting breast cancer was installed at Portage Health in April 2009.

    The Siemens Novation system delivers: 

    • the lowest possible dose of radiation available — this means less exposure to radiation per screening
    • the largest detection surface on the market — the larger detection surface means that those with larger breasts will need only one image taken of the breast instead of two or more
    • decreased examination time — less time being examined means less discomfort
    • greater enhancement for more accurate diagnosis — more acuracy means less do-overs

    Preparing for this procedure 

    • Do not use deodorant, talcum powder or lotion under your arms, or near your breasts on the day of your mammogram. 
    • Wear a two-piece outfit so you will have to remove only your top. 
    • Notify the technologist if you are nursing, or if there is a chance you could be pregnant. 
    • Bring with you the name, address and phone number of any facility where you have had a prior mammogram, and bring previous films. (The radiologist needs your previous films for comparison in order to make an accurate assessment). 
    • Please arrive 15 minutes early to verify your registration.

    What to expect during this procedure

    • You will be positioned in front of a special x-ray machine.
    • One at a time, each of your breasts are compressed momentarily between an adjustable platform and a clear plate. Some brief pressure is necessary to flatten the breast in order to get the clearest picture. It is important to remember that the more compression you can tolerate, the clearer the image.
    • The entire exam typically takes about 10-15 minutes.

    What to expect after this procedure

    • A radiologist will review your mammography pictures. The radiologist prepares a diagnostic report to share with your doctor.
    • Your doctor will consider this information in context of your overall care, and talk with you about the results.

    Contact us

    To schedule a mammography screening, please contact your primary care physician. If you have additional questions about your appointment, or our services, please call our Radiology Department at (906) 483-1410 or (800) 573-5001 (toll-free).

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