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    Letter from the Board Chair 

    Zutter, Steve image 

    Steve Zutter, Board Chair

    Dear Friends,

    Since its inception as St. Mary’s Hospital in 1896, Portage Health has always been an innovative and transformational presence in our community. As times have changed, Portage Health has evolved to ensure access to the highest quality medical care possible. Changes in methodology, philosophy and technology have all influenced and shaped the Portage Health of today.

    One thing that has never faulted has been Portage Health’s commitment to quality and service excellence. That commitment is evident in all we do and extends beyond the stones and mortar of the hospital. Portage Health’s impact on our community benefits our residents, businesses and municipalities through collaboration, partnership and responsible stewardship of our individual and community health.

    Portage Health’s mission of improving health is driven by its commitment to you and has proven Portage Health to be a leader in healthcare transformation. This innovative and progressive approach to healthcare has transformed Portage Health into one of the highest regarded healthcare organizations in the region. It has also helped to transform our community into a more vibrant and healthy place to live, work and play.

    Portage Health is a proud member of this community and as changes in healthcare inevitably challenge all of us, the community can rest assured that Portage Health’s mission to improve the health of the community remains at its core. Portage Health has maintained considerable stability in these challenging times — boasting strong financial performance; increasing and stabilizing its medical staff; achieving some of the highest quality and service excellence scores in the state (and region); and has continued to foster and develop relationships within the community in order to better collaborate and meet the challenges of tomorrow.

    I am proud to serve on the Portage Health Board of Directors and I am equally proud to have such a highly regarded healthcare organization as part of our community.

    Steve Zutter
    Board Chair

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    Letter from the CEO

    Bogan, Jim Image 

    Jim Bogan, President and CEO

    Dear Friends,

    It is my pleasure to present you with Portage Health’s 2012 Annual Report. This past year, we have worked hard to address the many challenges facing healthcare today, while at the same time continuing to provide you with healthcare that is of the quality and personal attention which you have come to expect and deserve from Portage Health.

    The challenges associated with the Affordable Care Act are here and there will be many more to come during the next three years. Portage Health has successfully met these challenges as evidenced by recognition from several external organizations and accrediting agencies. The Joint Commission, our voluntary accrediting body, has recognized Portage Health as one of the Top Performers on Key Quality Measures.

    Additionally, Portage Health continues to provide outstanding service to our patients. The results of patient satisfaction surveys and the summation of our HCAHPS scores illustrate Portage Health as one of the top hospitals in the state and surrounding region.

    The commitment and compassion of our staff is a key component of our success. Our staff is the reason for the high degree of medical service and personalized attention you receive. We are very proud of our employees and have been successful in hiring and retaining highly qualified board-certified physicians, surgeons, allied health professionals and medical staff at all levels.

    But with all of that being said, we also know there is much work to do. We recognize that healthcare should not just be addressed within the walls of our hospital. As a steward of our community’s health, it is necessary for us to take our mission to improve the health of our community into the community. We believe that effective leadership in healthcare transformation means inviting and promoting collaboration that will positively influence the overall health and wellbeing of our community.

    We have taken many steps to improve our position as a “quality leader in transforming healthcare.” Collaborations like ours with the Michigan Health & Hospital Association’s Hospital Engagement Network have allowed us to improve on core quality measures to ensure execution of the initiatives for quality care. Our partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has helped us implement the Patient-Centered Medical Home model in our physician practices. And our support and engagement within the community has contributed greatly to the quality of life and quality of health for which we all strive.

    Throughout this report you will see the results of this collaborative spirit and our partnership with so many other organizations. This is the way we “improve the health of our community by providing the highest quality healthcare services.”

    Jim Bogan
    President and CEO

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    Service Excellence

    2012 Buadion patient image

    Dr. Rebecca Baudoin (Women's Health, OB/GYN) with a patient.

    Portage Health’s focus on quality has allowed the organization to set the bar high for healthcare in the Copper Country. This focus on quality was noticed this year by The Joint Commission, which recognized Portage Health as one of the “2011 Top Performers on Key Quality Measures.”

    The hospital is one of only three in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to be recognized, and the only one to be recognized in multiple categories. “We understand that what matters most to our community is having access to safe, quality healthcare. This national recognition proves that our efforts are paying off,” said Jim Bogan, president/CEO of Portage Health.

    The recognition means a new badge on QualityCheck.org, a website organized by The Joint Commission to allow consumers to easily compare hospitals by how they score in quality measures. It’s a small badge, but when translated to patient experience, its meaning is obvious. Patient feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, way above region, state and national averages.

    2012 HCAPHS image 

    HCAHPS scores (Quality of hospital care from the consumer perspective)

    The feedback we’ve heard from our patients is through the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) Survey. This survey is the national standard used to measure a hospital’s patient-satisfaction numbers. The latest numbers show Portage Health at an all-time high. “Comparing ourselves against our peers in the nation and state is important to us,” said Bogan. “Seeing scores like this is rewarding, and makes us all proud to say we work here.”

    Also this year, Portage Health was invited to be part of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) STAAR initiative, a collaborative effort between the states of Michigan, Washington and Massachusetts, to reduce avoidable readmissions. Our success in this collaborative resulted in an invitation to participate in an additional IHI study. This additional study featured only five hospitals across the country. It was a more comprehensive effort to test and improve interventions that will result in lowered readmission rates, improved quality and patient satisfaction, and ultimately better medical outcomes.

    “These results are a reflection of our commitment to service excellence and the priority we place on providing the highest level of customer service to our patients,” said Elizabeth MacInnes, vice president of quality. “Portage Health is extremely proud of our staff, physicians and volunteers for all the hard work and effort that goes into providing a positive healthcare experience.”

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    Patient Satisfaction

    2012 Peer patient image 

    Dr. Christopher Peer with patient Mike White.

    Ontonagon resident and entrepreneur Mike White loves to be active. Whether it’s at work, on the golf course or on the trails, Mike isn’t known as one to sit and watch. This summer, though, he was sidelined. A sore shoulder not only took Mike off of the heavy equipment he uses for his landscaping work, but he couldn’t get to the tee box, or bowling with his friends. “It was hard on him. It kept him from doing the things he loves,” said Mike’s wife, Vicki.

    Riding on a previous positive experience at Portage Health, Mike and Vicki decided to meet with Orthopaedic Surgeon Christopher Peer, MD. It’s a decision they haven’t regretted for a moment. “Dr. Peer and his staff got me moving again,” Mike said. “I went from being in a lot of pain back to being active and on the go.”

    The surgery put Mike back in the game. It gave him his life back. Mike says that the staff made the experience seamless. “I never felt rushed or hurried,” he said. “I always knew what was going to happen, and Dr. Peer and his staff took the time to explain what they would be doing so that I knew what to expect.”

    They were extremely thankful for their decision to keep their healthcare local. With children in large metropolitan areas, the idea of traveling for treatment for Mike was contemplated. “Often, people working in hospitals seem to be disconnected,” Vicki said. “We were happy to find out it’s not like that at Portage Health. The staff at Portage Health has a kindred spirit you can only get from living in this area. Even the doctors have that spirit infused in them.”

    2012 Brueggeman patient image 

    Vicki White is pleased with her post-surgery results during a follow-up visit with Dr. Jonathan Brueggeman.

    With Mike’s shoulder healing well; it was a no brainer for Vicki to go back to Portage Health to have a procedure done on her foot with Podiatrist Jonathan Brueggeman, DPM.

    “Even though we didn’t know many of the staff members here, they feel like people you know.” Vicki said. “They are personable. They’re friendly. They feel like neighbors.”

    It was another successful outcome for Vicki, who is excited to be able to get outside pain free with her husband once again. “We’re already out on the trails riding our four wheelers,” she said. “We’re back to being ourselves. We’re just a normal, active Yooper family. Thankfully the doctors and staff at Portage Health helped us continue that lifestyle.”

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    University Center Expansion

    2012 UC interior image 

    Waiting room of the newly remodeled and expanded University Center.

    As Portage Health Facilities Director Glenn Patrick looked at the crowd of about 100 gathered outside the newly constructed Portage Health University Center late this summer, he couldn’t help but feel proud about what had been accomplished. The $4.2 million project was something he watched from beginning to end, working with staff from dozens of organizations and contracting companies to create a project that was bigger than any of the individuals working on it.

    “When hundreds of people put together thousands of ideas, amazing things can happen,” Patrick told the crowd. “That’s what happened here.”

    The University Center was originally discussed in the late 1990s when it became obvious the healthcare needs of students on Michigan Technological University’s campus were growing. A clinic on campus was needed. Attached to the north end of the Student Development Complex, the clinic opened in 2000 with nine patient rooms, one procedure room, the apothecary and three providers on hand.

    Quickly the clinic became the place for students and the community to receive their healthcare. Portage Health added another provider. In 2011, more than 100 patients came through the doors during an average day, including an average of 22 students. “Over the last 11 years we have grown to capacity and beyond,” said Dr. Bruce Trusock, who has been at the clinic since it opened.

    Once again, it was apparent the needs of the students and patients required greater access, and an enhanced facility. The decision to invest in expanding the clinic was one that took much time and consideration to conclude. After all, the new clinic would have to meet the growing needs of Michigan Tech’s students and faculty. At the same time it would need to be modern, and enable Portage Health’s medical staff to treat patients and apply the new models of medical-care delivery.

    “We are pleased to be working hand-in-hand with Portage Health to make healthcare services more accessible to the students of Michigan Tech and the community,” Michigan Tech President Glenn Mroz told the community at the groundbreaking in the summer of 2011.

    2012 UC night exterior image 

    November 2012 photo of the University Center expansion.

    The collaboration and planning paid off. More than $4 million was invested for the completion of the project, resulting in local jobs and a modern, highly efficient environment that will support both Portage Health’s and Michigan Tech’s efforts to enhance healthcare access to patients and students. The new facility is also an asset for both organizations as they work to recruit new medical providers, faculty and students. This anticipated growth will inevitably create additional jobs and contribute further to the local economy. It was an investment not only in the organizations, but also in and for the community.

    The new facility is more than double its original size. It has more patient and procedure rooms, more staff and a fresh modern design that’s welcoming to all members of the community.

    “The University Center has been a vital healthcare link for members of our community for more than a decade, and this update ensures that access to healthcare will remain unabated for many more,” said Jim Bogan, president and CEO of Portage Health.

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    Your Medical Home

    2012 Beardmore patient image 

    Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Beardmore talks over a care plan with a patient.

    The influence of the Affordable Care Act will be great and the opportunities associated with it will continue to shape the physician-patient relationship. Over the past two years Portage Health has worked to institute the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model. We have been successful in achieving PCMH designation and have implemented many components in support of this effort, including our electronic medical records (EMR).

    The dynamics, however; change when a healthcare organization opts to deliver team-based care. Thus, the relationship between the patient and physician alters in a patient-centered practice. In shared decision making, the patient and physician roles have more give and take than in atraditional practice. The PCMH approach requires and encourages more patient involvement in developing their individual treatment plan. In the patient-centered model, the patient is supported and empowered to take a more active role in the visit with the physician and to define the type of physician-patient relationship they want. They are also encouraged to talk with the physician about their health issues and their feelings and expectations. They are expected to ask the physician to clarify anything they don’t understand, and participate in care planning and articulate any barriers they may have in relation to following through with the determined plan.

    2012 Peterson patient image 

    Stephanie Peterson, PT, DPT works with a patient in the Hancock Rehab center.

    Portage Health believes the most important part of the patient’s care is the individual receiving care. We have worked diligently to maintain and improve our focus on you, the patient, through all aspects of your care. We are now working to expand the principles of PCMH throughout our specialty clinics. “This will further improve the team-based care approach and improve communication between all persons involved in the patient’s care,” said Shannon Lahnala Bleau, quality support analyst for Portage Health.

    We are also increasing our focus on prevention and wellness. We recognize the importance of impactful prevention and wellness programming and have identified a number of key health-risk factors that affect our community. It is our belief that through effective community collaboration and greater individual awareness, we can positively impact our community’s overall health. A higher degree of attention towards the health risks, which may be prevented through early detection or eliminated through an influential wellness approach, is just one more way our patients can take greater control over their individual health.

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    Workforce Development


    2012 Carpenter patient image 

    Dr. Stacey Carpenter, Family Medicine, is one of the newest members of the Portage Health medical staff.

    What attracts people to the community that is the farthest in the continental United States from an interstate? Perhaps it is the smell of the fresh air as it is filtered by Lake Superior. Maybe it is the sensational aroma of wild flowers in springtime, or the grandeur of the hardwood stands in all their fall colors. Others might find the gentle falling of snow in the crisp winter air appealing. For people who live in the northernmost region of Michigan, the attributes of a four-season climate are all things that we have come to respect and appreciate.

    Regardless of what motivates people to want to live and work here, it is recognized that high-quality services are only achieved if you employ the highest caliber people. Portage Health has embraced this realization and has continually sought innovative ways to support, train, recruit and hire medical professionals who will execute our philosophy of service excellence by putting the needs of the patient first.

    Over the past several years, Portage Health’s commitment to hiring only the highest quality medical professionals has been challenged by increasing shortages of physicians and other medical professionals throughout the country. This shortage, combined with the fact that most (nearly 85 percent) physicians surveyed said they prefer to live in a metropolitan (or at least a micropolitan) community, makes retention of medical professionals increasingly difficult and important. “Finding medical professionals, especially board-certified physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners can be costly and difficult, especially in smaller rural communities,” said Michigan Health Council (MHC) President and CEO Anne Rosewarne.

    2012 Award image 

    2012 Building Michigan's Healthcare Workforce Award for Recruitment

    In response, Portage Health has modified its recruitment process and further developed its relationships with educational institutions around the region to enhance exposure to potential medical providers. This collaboration ranges from local high schools’ HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America) students, to medical students and physician residents from programs throughout the state and surrounding region. The goal is to provide training opportunities, mentorship and experiential education. These collaborations and the relationships that have been developed have contributed greatly to Portage Health’s ability to attract and retain medical professionals. Together with an effective recruitment strategy, the outcome for the community has been unprecedented access to highly trained and qualified medical professionals.

    This fall, the MHC recognized Portage Health’s improved provider-recruitment strategy with the “Building Michigan’s Healthcare Workforce Award for Employee Recruitment.” The award meant a lot for the organization, which has increased the number of new medical-provider hires by an average of eight per year. “The outcome of our efforts is significant for a small, rural organization, and this award is a testament to the efforts of so many people within Portage Health,” said Kevin Store, director of Portage Health Marketing and Communications. “Recruitment of well-trained, highly qualified medical providers is vital to Portage Health’s ability to provide the excellent level of care we offer.”

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    New Faces

    Beardmore, Anthony image 

    Anothony Bearmore, MD
    Orthopaedic Surgeon

    Anthony Beardmore, MD

    Orthopaedic Surgeon

    The Portage Health Orthopaedics team added an experienced, board-certified and fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeon this year in Dr. Anthony Beardmore.

    Dr. Beardmore came to Portage Health following a decorated 20-year career in the military, where he served a wide range of positions, receiving more than 20 honors.

    “We're tremendously excited to bring in someone as talented and experienced as Dr. Beardmore,” said James Bogan, CEO/president of Portage Health.

    Dr. Beardmore specializes in shoulder and knee surgeries, and has fellowship training in orthopaedic sports medicine. “I love orthopaedics because you can really get good, long-term results for patients of all ages,” said Dr. Beardmore. “This is a good opportunity for me to take care of patients young and old, including working with elite-level athletes to get them back into the action as soon as possible.”

    To learn more about Dr. Beardmore and see a full list of his orthopaedic services, visit portagehealth.org/beardmore

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    Brueggeman Jonathan image 

    Jonathan Brueggeman, DPM

    Jonathan Brueggeman, DPM


    Getting your foot in the door at Portage Health has had a whole new meaning since Jonathan Brueggeman, DPM, started at the hospital in April.
    Dr. Brueggeman is an expert podiatrist, working with broken bones, torn ligaments and tendons, bunions, hammer toes, heel spurs, ingrown toenails, arch pain, arthritis, and fungal infections of the skin and nails.
    “I've enjoyed establishing relationships with patients, especially those who are suffering from diabetes and need continued preventative care to maintain good health,” said Brueggeman.
    Dr. Brueggeman completed his residency at St. Joseph's Hospital in Chicago and the North Chicago Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center. He served as chief resident during his time at both facilities.
    After completing residency, he worked as a physician and partner at Lakeshore Medical Clinic in Cudahy, Wisconsin.
    To learn more about Dr. Brueggeman visit portagehealth.org/brueggeman

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    Brueggeman, Megan image 

    Megan Brueggeman, PA
    Physician Assistant

    Megan Brueggeman, PA

    Physician Assistant

    Megan Brueggeman, PA, is one of two physician assistants working hand-in-hand with the Portage Health Orthopaedics Team. Brueggeman started at Portage Health early this year after working in the Chicago area for the previous five years.
    Joining Portage Health was a homecoming for Brueggeman, who grew up in Baraga County.
    “I've always wanted to make it back to the Upper Peninsula,” said Brueggeman. “To come back here and have the chance to work with the incredible surgeons I do on a daily basis, I couldn't be happier.”
    Brueggeman attended the University of Michigan for her bachelor's degree, and graduated from Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science in Chicago with her Master of Science in Physician Assistant Practice.
    Learn more about Brueggeman at portagehealth.org/brueggemanm.

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    Carpenter, Stacey image 

    Stacey Carpenter, DO
    Family Medicine

    Stacey Carpenter, DO

    Family Medicine

    Late this summer Portage Health introduced Dr. Stacey Carpenter as the newest member of its Family Medicine Team.
    Trained in osteopathic medicine, Dr. Carpenter provides a full spectrum of primary care services at Portage Health's main campus, with a special interest in dermatology.
    “I try to create a comfortable atmosphere so my patients feel they can be open and honest with me,” she said.
    Dr. Carpenter attended undergraduate and graduate school at Northern Michigan University before attending Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Erie, Pennsylvania. She completed an internship and residency at Firelands Regional Medical Center in Sandusky, Ohio.
    She was delighted to have the opportunity to move back to the U.P. “I immediately fell in love with the area (when I attended NMU),” she said. “I've been looking to move back to the U.P. ever since I left for medical school.”
    Learn more about Dr. Carpenter by visiting portagehealth.org/carpenter.

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    Dubois, Louis image 

    Louis Dubois

    Louie Dubois


    Expanding Portage Health's anesthesiology needs, Portage Health welcomed CRNA Louie Dubois in the summer of 2012. Dubois came to Portage Health after earning his master’s degree in nurse anesthesia from Gannon University's Villa Maria School of Nursing in Ohio.
    “Everyone having a procedure at Portage Health is a unique individual, with different needs” Dubois said. “My goal is to provide an anesthetic that maximizes safety and comfort, while minimizing stress.”
    Dubois isn't new to the Upper Peninsula as he spent more than a decade in Manistique, where he and his wife raised their two children. He was more than happy to get back to the region, where he can follow his outdoor passions, including diving, hunting, paragliding, kayaking, ice climbing, rock climbing
    and fishing.
    Dubois has advanced training including techniques for pediatrics, obstetrics and geriatric anesthesia.
    Learn more about Dubois at portagehealth.org/dubois.

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    Kass, Kathryn image 

    Katheryn Kass, PA
    Physician Assistant

    Kathryn Kass, PA

    Physician Assistant

    Kathryn Kass, PA, joined Portage Health earlier this year as one of the two physician assistants brought in to round out a bustling Portage Health Orthopaedics Team.

    “I strive for perfection in diagnosing and treating each unique individual,” Kass said. “I enjoy seeing patients recover from their orthopaedic issues and return to their everyday lives.”

    Kass has strong ties to the Upper Peninsula and Portage Health. She earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Northern Michigan University, where she was a four-time All-American on the swimming and diving team. Kass is the daughter-in-law of Dr. David Kass, a longtime family medicine provider at Portage Health.

    After briefly working at Portage Health Cardiac Rehab in 2007, Kass went on to complete the Physician Assistant program at Midwestern University in Chicago, and has previously worked in orthopaedics for several years in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

    Learn more about Kass at portagehealth.org/kassk.

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    Lang, John image 

    John Lang, MD

    John Lang, MD


    This fall Portage Health added board-certified anesthesiologist John Lang, MD to its growing anesthesiology team. Dr. Lang has been working in anesthesiology for nearly two decades and has stepped right into his position at the hospital.

    “I still enjoy the personal factor in taking care of patients in an otherwise highly technological specialty,” Lang said. “I value a few minutes of conversation with a patient as much as I enjoy using high-tech equipment to maintain their vital signs during surgery and general anesthesia.”

    Dr. Lang attended the University of Iowa College of Medicine, where he earned his doctorate in 1990. He has worked in Arizona, Missouri, Indiana and Iowa.

    “While I've enjoyed my travels, I prefer to live and work in a small community like this,” Lang said.

    For more information on Dr. Lang's background visit portagehealth.org/lang.

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    Rollison, Charles 

    Charles Rollison, DO
    Women's Health

    Charles Rollison, DO

    Women's Health

    The Portage Health Women's Health Team was boosted this year by the addition of Dr. Charles Rollison. Dr. Rollison is a board-certified physician who attended medical school at Michigan State University before earning three medals while serving in our nation's military as a medical professional.

    “Dr. Rollison's advanced training and trusted reputation will be an immense benefit to our community,” said Jim Bogan, president/CEO of Portage Health.

    Dr. Rollison began at Portage Health in early 2012, but had previously spent time at the hospital as a temporary physician. “I loved the efficiencies of the operating room and family birthing center at Portage Health,” he said. “The entire hospital seems to be focused on the right thing, ensuring quality care for the patients.”

    Dr. Rollison specializes in in-office minimally invasive procedures, in-office gynecologic procedures and urinary incontinence treatment.

    Learn more about Dr. Rollison at portagehealth.org/rollison.  

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    Yarger, Danny image 

    Danny Yarger, MD
    Emergency Medicine

    Danny Yarger, MD

    Emergency Medicine

    Portage Health takes great pride in its emergency department, which is one of just two in the state to be classified as a Level III Trauma Center. The pride in emergency care revolves mostly around the people, including our newest addition, Danny Yarger, MD.

    Dr. Yarger is a board-certified physician specializing in emergency medicine. He also has a strong background in leadership, including formerly serving as a Chief of Staff and Chief of Medicine at a smaller hospital.

    “Dr. Yarger is a great addition to our staff, and someone we're going to be looking to for medical leadership in years to come,” said Jim Bogan, CEO/president of Portage Health.

    Dr. Yarger attended the University of Kentucky College of Medicine and served his residency in Marquette. He's worked in family and emergency medicine, and also taught courses at the University of Kentucky and Michigan State University.

    Learn more about Dr. Yarger at portagehealth.org/yarger.

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    Community Benefit

    We believe healthcare should not just be addressed within the walls of our hospital. As a steward of our community’s health it is necessary for us to take our mission into the community. We also believe that affective leadership in healthcare transformation means inviting and promoting community collaboration.

    Portage Health’s total community benefit this year is not measured in the hundreds or thousands, but rather in millions. With more than $1.3 million in financial and in-kind support coupled with financial assistance to over 1,300 people, the impact of our community benefit is substantial and far reaching. The list of projects we have supported are many and wide ranging. That includes projects focused on individual health and wellness, community events, new-program development, children and adolescents, people in need, the arts, and those with varying abilities – to name a few.

    Projects that engage our children, such as the Copper Harbor Playground Project, were met with open arms. The Copper Harbor project received a $10,000 kick-off contribution from Portage Health this year. Creating an environment that will provide fun, educational and physically active opportunities for our children matches well with our initiative to combat childhood obesity.

    Portage Health Nutrition Services Director Mark Pittillo has contributed countless hours working with local schools to address healthy nutrition options and revisions of the school menu to include more healthy, yet delicious, foods. He has continued his partnership with Chip Ransom, a local produce farmer, and Sara Salo, school health coordinator with the Western U.P. Health Department to expand educational and awareness programs, like the Farms-to-Schools Initiative, in our schools and on the streets of our community.

    Our on-going effort to curb childhood obesity has been met with an additional $30,000 grant from the Portage Health Foundation. As part of this effort a committee, consisting of professionals from throughout the community, has been established to develop and implement programs to meet our goal of reducing population obesity and instilling life-long health habits focused on individual and family wellness.

    These are just a few examples of things we have done and the path we are taking. Portage Health has demonstrated its commitment to our community and will forge new partnerships that will truly make this a healthier community to live, work and play.

    Learn more about Portage Health's contributions at portagehealth.org

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    Financial Report

    The financial climate for healthcare nationally continues to be very challenging. The federal deficit will further pressure hospital revenues. Near-term Medicare cuts are inevitable. We expect lower rate increases from commercial payors as they face their own increased regulatory requirements under reform. These pressures will make it increasingly difficult for hospitals to maintain favorable operating performance. It’s estimated that 18 percent of hospitals in the nation are in the red, and we’re proud to say that for fiscal year 2012 we are solidly in the black.

    2012 Finance 1 image 

    2012 Finance 2 image 

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